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Spacetime Functionalism: A Lecture in Honor of Marco Dees

What is Spacetime? “Primitivists” argue that it is a basic feature of the universe, and that it cannot be explained in other terms. In his paper, Spacetime Functionalism, Marco Dees argued against that view, and argued instead that spacetime is itself grounded in something more basic, the causal structure of the universe. In this lecture, Professor Dees’s doctoral supervisor, Professor Dean Zimmerman, will explain and comment on Professor Dees’s view.


Louis Loeb Professor Emeritus University of Michigan Lecture (4/25)

Jerry Fodor (American philosopher 1935-2017) has described Hume’s psychology as “something like the ultimate in nonmodular theories of mind.” This is an appealing picture of Hume’s program; perception, memory, and causal inference are special cases of topic-neutral principles of association. Against this, there are precursors of modularity in the Treatise, the more so in the first Enquiry. These works advance key features of cognitive modules– innateness, rapidity, automaticity, encapsulation, and domain-specificity.

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