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Mitchell Miller

Dexter Ferry Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus

Mitchell Miller specializes in the history of philosophy. While in recent years his focus has been on Plato and the presocratics, he has long-term ongoing interests in late medieval philosophy, Descartes and Leibniz, and 19th and 20th century continental philosophy. He has published two books on Plato, Plato’s Parmenides: The Conversion of the Soul (Princeton 1986, Penn State ppk 1991) and The Philosopher in Plato’s Statesman (Martinus Nijhoff 1980, reissued with “Dialectical Education and Unwritten Teachings in Plato’s Statesman,” Parmenides Publishing 2004), a number of essays on Plato, and studies of Hesiod ["'first of all,'" Anc Phil21, 2001], Parmenides ["Ambiguity and Transport," OSAP 30, 2006], and Hegel. He is now at work on the Philebus ["A More 'Exact Grasp' Grasp of the Soul," ed. K. Pritzl, Truth, CUAP 2010], the “so-called unwritten teachings” of Plato, and, as the context for these studies, the notion of “the longer way” to the dialectical study of the Good and a more “precise grasp” of the city, the soul, and (he argues) the cosmos that Plato has Socrates project as the yield of the “longer way” at Republic 435c-d and 504b-e.  For a CV and all publications, go to